Welcome to bbrewerdesign.
It is January, 2018. Last year was productive but a bit more relaxed than 2016 with Salem's Historic Grand Theatre on pause. The work in 2017 was primarily residential with one new custom house now under construction. A custom design for a low cost system to build a prefabricated, panelized, portable engine testing room for an industrial application was a bright little piece of work. 2018 promises big changes. I will post any news as soon as I can. If, after reading through this page, you feel I may be able to help you or your company, I look forward to hearing from you.
If we have not met, my name is Brittain Brewer. I am bbrewerdesign. My site is simple. The sketches are by me, with the exception of the four in the upper left-hand corner, those are Sketchup drawings of the 'Alleyhouse' by my good friend and sometimes collaborator Cole Cabler. The drawings represent a very small example of my work. If you have been to the Portland airport, you have seen my carts (upper right-hand sketch). If you have been to the Portland State Bookstore, you have been in one of the stores I have designed (lower right-hand sketch). If you have been to NIKETOWN in San Francisco you have been in another store I have designed. If you have been down NE Clackamas / NE Halsey alley in northeast Portland between NE 24th and NE 26th, you will have seen the yellow, white and red "Alleyhouse" on the south side, an ADU I designed for wonderful clients who remain good friends and neighbors. If you want to see more, please contact me.

So, those are some sketches and some projects, but I do more than draw. I am trained as an architect. While I am not an "Architect" in the State of Oregon (I am in the State of Penssylvania, if that does anything for you), I work mostly in the worlds of architecture, planning and interior design as a designer, project manager and consultant. I do not specialize in any type of project, but I have experience with a wide variety of project types and have had different roles on many projects. If there is a specialty it is in "good work". I am a polite, skilled, creative and cooperative collaborator. I prize relationships over pretty pictures, but I like pretty pictures too. I work with residential, retail, commerical, and institutional clients. In addition I collaborate and consult with and for other Architectural, Planning, Interior Design, Engineering and Construction professionals.

Since 1978, I have had a framed quote by the architect Le Corbusier on my desk, from an article he wrote for Focus magazine in 1938 titled, "If I Had to Teach You Architecture". It reads, "Architecture is organization. You are an organizer, not a drawing board artist." However, the drawings are the primary organizing device.

bbrewerdesign, or Brewer Design, as my business is known by my banker, has been located in Portland since 1996. If you believe I might be able to add value to your efforts or enterprise, please contact me. I would love to hear from you. It is very possible that after a short conversation I can put my experience to work for you.

If you wish to see more examples of my work, or speak with some who know me or with whom I have worked, contact me. I will be happy to hear from you, to show you more of my work, and introduce you to former and current clients and collaborators. Check back every now and then. I might add some more pretty pictures.
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